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Over the years, we have done our best to turn 7&46 shop into much more than just your Kawartha Dairy ice cream spot. Our goal is to create a summer destination for you and your family & friends to enjoy. Whether we are your pit stop on the way to the cottage, or your destination for a few hours of fun - we hope to leave you with a lasting impression that will keep you coming back. With a large yard of green space and a new neighbourhood of fairy houses that have arrived, we offer lots of outdoor activities for your little ones and furry family members to run around and explore. We have introduced an outdoor gallery for you to view our new collection of Cast Art from beautiful British Columbia, where you can enjoy time in a lovely landscaped garden while you visualize your own outdoor (or maybe indoor) oasis that includes an artistic new addition. Interested in checking out what we've got in the newly renovated gift shop? Browse our selection of seasonal giftware. We have something great for all ages. And do not worry - we haven't forgotten about the best ice cream ever: Kawartha Dairy. With our wide selection of flavours, you can do all of these activities while over-indulging in your favourite treats. Yes, we did say over-indulging. And yes, that is totally okay when it's this good.


In this garden, fairies live and play.


You may not see us, but we are here to stay.


We’ll lift you when you are down


And make a smile from a frown.


We love to see you play,


And listen to what you have to say.


Never be afraid, for you are amazing.


Always believe, for you are brave.


What do you BELIEVE in?


At 7&46 Shop, we know how important it is for kids to get outside and play. There are tons of outdoor games around the large yard. Something about the giant Plinko board brings out your youth, whether you are 5 or 105. X's and O's is a classic, and we have brought that to 3D life with a giant X's and 0's board on the grass that is played with frisbees. There is more, but we would prefer you come and experience it for yourself.

Jump, run, play, laugh, stretch your legs, grab a bite and a treat, relax, and leave with a smile on your face... 


In the summer of 2017, we introduced cast art for the first time. This beautiful art work comes from British Columbia, where it is poured into a cast and then hand painted.


In the spring of 2018, we will be introducing an even wider selection of different pieces that will be showcased in an outdoor garden oasis, where you can browse around and picture your very own.


With a wide selection of delicious Kawartha Dairy ice cream flavours, we offer many tastey treats to enjoy while you explore the property and have some fun. Ice cream cones & bowls, waffle cones and bowls, milkshakes, ice ice cream cookie sandwiches... and more! 

7&46 Shop has also become the new home of the Manilla Chip Truck. Located right beside the shop, you can choose something yummy to nibble on while you enjoy sitting at a picnic table around the property.