Poutine - What a Delicious 'Mess'

Updated: May 10

There are a lot of things that we as Canadians have to be proud of. Despite the obvious of being in the top 10 friendliest and most welcoming countries, our nation is responsible for some inventions that have a world-wide impact. The IMAX, egg cartons, the rotary snow plow, insulin, hockey, and even peanut butter! Wow, Canada seems to be a pretty essential worker itself.

One of Canada's great inventions that we take pride in perfecting at 746 is a flavourful combination of thick cut fries and Canadian cheese curds smothered in sizzling gravy. It even rocks the fancy name, 'poutine'. I couldn't help but wonder what sparked the creation of poutine. Who was brilliant enough to create such a delicious yet messy dish?

Ironically, 'poutine' is a slang word in Quebec for 'messy'... you can imagine my chuckle reading that fact in McCleans magazine after writing my title for blog post.

What I can tell you is that poutine is truly Canadian and originated in the late 50's in Warwick, Quebec. Legend has it, a customer was in a hurry and requested his fries and cheese curds be thrown into the same paper bag. When he opened the bag he saw the two were mixed and he exclaimed 'poutine' meaning what a mess.

In years to follow, the recipe got it's recognition and claim to fame when the third ingredient was added to restaurant owner, Jean-Paul Roy's menu after many customers were ordering a side of gravy with their fries and cheese curds. One of our favourite facts about this great recipe is that it was not invented by any one person. It was created by the team work of many Canadians that recognized the delicious effect that a simple gravy-soaked combination could have on the palette.

If you haven't tried our take on it, we recommend you try some for yourself and you'll be hooked.


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