Guess that Idea was Covid'ed

Updated: May 2

I feel Covid has become a new verb for me. You know we are using phrases like, "well we can't do that this year, I guess it was Covid'ed". Now, don't get me wrong. I am proud of my fellow Canadians with how we have handled this unprecedented situation, but it certainly put a wrench into a lot of peoples future plans. For example, we were casually working on quite a few changes during the winter for 746 and one of them was an overhaul of our Fairy Gardens, which included a few new inspired additions.

It is challenging to put into words the delight and wonder of each visitors reaction when they get to discover and explore our play area. Some children return each week and run around and investigate each fairy house and you would think they were discovering the magic for the first time. Our fairy gardens have taught me that the return on customer value goes way beyond just making a profit. The sense of community spirit and togetherness our play area provides is a feeling that has no monetary value.

To give some hints, we wanted our visitors to have a shipwrecking good time and the magical feeling that fairies can also travel the world and design new pieces that inspired them.

Gardeners will relate... each time you add a new flowerbed it takes quite a few years for it to have the end-result you were wanting to achieve. Our horseshoe succulents fairy garden will have our intended effect this year. Yay!

We are definitely getting outside to work on the gardens, but, not only were we 'Covid'ed', our weather through April really hasn't been conducive to creative outdoor projects...maybe May will change that.

May Day, May Day! :)


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