Canadian Companies Supporting One Another Through Unpredictable Times

Who else is sick of talking about COVID and all the plans it flipped upside down and backwards for 2020? Let's talk about how well our country and community have come together to ensure that life goes on and is still enjoyable, full of potential and endless growth possibilities.

Our team at 7&46 Shop has been keeping busy over the past 6 months with renovations, launching an apparel line, rebranding, and so much more. We cannot express our gratitude for local Canadian businesses helping us to bring our vision to life, despite the unexpected changes and obstacles we've faced. We would like to dedicate a few words regarding our 2020 transformations to the amazing individuals and teams that helped us to bring it all together.

Sticker Up Signs (Karen Penning)

Karen Penning's has been the one behind bringing our branded signage to life since we first opened up our doors 7 years ago. Her creative and technical ability to size, position and give our digital designs a physical presence has never failed us. As the owner of Sticker Up Signs, Karen and her family helped us to build and put up all of our signs and designs to give us our new look.

Classic Aluminum (Tom Walsh)

When the new business operating laws of COVID kicked in, we had to figure out a way to have people throughout the gift/souvenir store while still being able to serve the best ice cream, Kawartha Dairy and other premium flavours. Tom Walsh's team at Classic Aluminum was amazing for installing a separate outdoor ice cream window and two new entrance and exit doors to keep things flowing smoothly. We couldn't be happier with the new look of 7&46 Shop.

Pasquino Productions (Shayne Pasquino)

Shayne was the creative genius behind our Kawarthas Collection launch video for Seven Forty Six Apparel. He helped our new company to tell our story and what we stand for, while showcasing not only the lifestyle apparel but the lifestyle itself that we are so happy to be surrounded by here in the Kawarthas. You can watch the video and others similar to it here.

Behind the scenes of 746 - Seven Forty Six Apparel's Kawarthas line launch with Pasquino Productions. Featured in the video is 7&46 Shop, Balsam Lake, and our Kawarthas Collection.

Tasty Canadian Treats (Kawartha Dairy, Fraktals, Ted Reader, 7&46 Food Truck)

Despite all the differences, the tasty Canadian treats we are known to offer at 7&46 Shop have not let us down. These include the delicious Kawartha Dairy ice cream, Fraktals, Canadian chef Ted Reader's BBQ sauces and rubs from his line 'It Be Tasty!', and the sweet and savoury options from our food truck menu.

It has been a wild ride over the past 6 months, but we have managed to pull together to continue the 7&46 Shop community. We owe a great thank you to the many Canadian companies, most from right here in the Kawarthas! It has been a beautiful story of Canadian companies supporting one another through tough times. Cheers to Canada, and Kudos to the Kawarthas.


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