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Not just your Average Bear

We have had Corneilius the Bear as our mascot for almost 2 years and I can't begin to describe the joy we get out of how much people look forward to his attire debut with the holiday seasons change. The majority of passerby's that catch us in the act looked so pleased to discover the covert mission. Valentine's Day is one holiday that has our Bear showing off his big heart.

When Natasha and I were dressing him up for the winter we had a nice gentleman drive in to let us know his costumes mean so much to a lot of people. He volunteer drives for people that require assisted living and it has become a ritual to find out 'What the Bear is wearing today?' for one of his clients. He went on to tell us that if we thought it didn't serve purpose we were wrong it was truly important.

With fresh snow greeting us over the winter I am also amazed at the footprints around Corneilius due to people stopping to take selfies. This Valentine's we would love for you to share your selfies so make sure you include the hashtag #7and46shop or #corneiliusthebear in your post. We look forward to you making Corneilius your Valentine. Think spring...see you soon. D.

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