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The Big Reveal

If you were part of the late 90's and watched Ally McBeal you will be able to relate that everyone has a theme song. It shouldn't come as a big shock when I reveal that 7&46 Shop's theme song is - Changes by David Bowie.

Our Promise to You

We promised to continually re-invest into the corner of Highway 7 & Concession 46 in the Kawarthas and have remained true to our word. This year we introduced our Twist on 46 food truck. Maybe my next writing will be about the planning and excitement around bringing that project together, but I thought I would take a few moments to reminisce about all of the ch-ch-changes that have taken place over the past 5 years.

Year 1 - 7&46 Shop is Born

  • Gutted and renovated inside the store to include a kitchen

  • Fix and painted exterior of the store

  • Cleaned up the grounds including flowerbeds - you will start to see a theme

  • Added outside shelters and sitting areas

  • Started to wonder if we should have called ourselves 'The Old Farmer's Daughter' :)

Year 2 - Apply all Lessons Learned

  • Moved the Ice Cream Scooper Cases to kitchen area - it upset a few, but most agreed it was a wise decision

  • Renovated inside of the store to help with lineups

  • Cleaned up driveway for better parking - recycled asphalt to replace the muddy driveway, Yay!

  • Overhauled the building on the East Corner

  • Added more flowerbeds

  • We went from Red to Grey...painted the store and all buildings to match

Year 3 - Change is Healthy... Right?

  • Added a full washroom - goodbye 'Johnny on the Spot'!

  • Introduced Giftware inside store - we have fun finding the perfect gifts to sell

  • Introduced Cast Art - they are handmade and painted on Vancouver Island then they are shipped on a boat, a train and then finally a truck

  • More flowerbeds - if weeding is your therapy I have the cure

  • X's and O'x ground game

  • Plinko game

  • Members of our amazing team, Alicia, Cara and Natasha, created and designed the Fairy Village (I am torn between it and the washroom for this year's winner idea)

  • Added a shipping container for storage. That is a status symbol in the country, we are here to stay!

Year 4 - Laughter is the best medicine

  • Corneilius the Bear becomes 7&46 Shop's mascot

  • Fairy Wings for awesome pictures - they were hand painted by our Marketing student, way to go Natasha

  • Fenced area for Cast Art and water fountains - we heard people betting that we were adding a petting zoo while we worked on that one. :)

  • More fairy houses

  • I finally got my flag pole to proudly hang my Canadian Flag and new flooring was laid in the store - Thanks for those awesome surprises Dave!!

  • More flowerbeds

Year 5 - It is all coming together

  • With the help of our new manager, Kelly, we opened Twist on 46 Food Truck - the positive feedback was amazing and our menu was a hit! Chad you rocked the window :)

  • Grill Master Ted Reader helped us celebrate our 5th Anniversary - we were the first in the Kawarthas to carry his Spices and BBQ sauce line

  • Added sand box tables and a water table for our extraordinary children visitors

  • Of course, a flowerbed extension and added lots of ground cover thanks to Aunt Dorothy

  • Started fundraising for Hank's Haven as it's a cause close to our hearts

  • All along we continued to scoop the most amazing ice cream - Kawartha Dairy - Olivia you always smile ;)

  • Decided we will stay open until Christmas with the goal of being open year round some day.

When you come by to get your Kawartha Dairy ice cream fix, pick up your Snazzy Gift Basket, buy the perfect Christmas gift or simply visit our amazing team this Christmas season don't be surprised when you start humming...

Turn and face the strange,


Time may change me...

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