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It Takes a Community!

Over the past several weeks Dave and I have been reminded why we opened 7&46 Shop 3 years ago. With the unpredictable weather this spring and changes we have been working on for opening, this year was a greater effort than we anticipated. However, help keeps showing up when we least expect it. There are so many people that have lent a helping hand over the past 6 weeks that we dare not name them in fear we overlook someone. This also includes everyone that offered to help because just knowing you wanted to was help in itself. We do hope you know who you are when you read this because we are so very grateful for your assistance and it has reminded us that it takes a community. We opened 7&46 Shop to be a proud contribution to our community and what an amazing community it is!! Sincere Thanks.

Some of This Year’s Changes…

We committed to reinvest into the corner of Highway 7 and Concession Road 46 and we know everyone will be very pleased with one of this year’s changes. We are so excited to announce that we no longer require a ‘Johnny on the Spot’ because we now have customer washroom facilities. Now, we do want to ‘shout out’ to Jeff Redmond because he provided amazing service. We did have grateful people use his little blue building over the years, but the time came to make it a proper experience.

We are happy that the Manilla Chip Truck is now part of our corner offering. We have truly enjoyed seeing Kim and Andrew’s smiling faces around 7&46 and Kim’s soft opening this weekend was a great success. Yes, I did have fries for my lunch…only one word to use, delicious!

Along with our Olive Oils, Balsamics, Candles and such we have added more gift lines in the store and it is a treat for the eyes. We have one other surprise change that we tested out last night and we know both staff and customers will be happy about it. We are excited for our staff to discover this change so we are keeping it a surprise for now.

It’s hard to imagine we are now about to enter our 4th Year of Operation. We are very excited to kick it off on May 5th. We look forward to seeing you Friday and having some of those amazing conversations and hearing what you think about this year’s changes.

Oh yeah...almost forgot! We painted the store grey last fall so our cottage community is in for a surprise when they make the hill and no longer see the red store... :)

Let’s do it!

Dave and Donna

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