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Sometimes Change is Easy

They say people have a hard time with change...however, I do believe everyone will be very happy about this announcement. Over the past 3 seasons our staff have constantly let us know that our customers were asking for this item and we would sigh and say “I know…” We had a BBQ Cart when we first opened, but if you aren’t a foodie the enjoyment just isn’t there and passion has to be present or it’s not the same. Yes, you guessed it… we are finally adding French Fries (among other great food) to 7&46 Shop!

We are so thrilled to announce the Manilla Chip Truck is re-locating to 7&46 Shop! I had to pleasure to hear the owner Kim describe the quality of potatoes she hand cuts and blanches each day. I know anyone would agree after listening to her that she has passion for serving good food; especially her freshly cut French Fries.

So stayed tuned as we are getting geared up to open 7&46 Shop in a few short weeks (7 to be exact) on May 5th, 2017. If all goes as planned Kim will be opening her Chip Truck around the same time.

Don’t worry; I am sure we will find something else to change within those weeks. We are looking forward to seeing everyone in the very near future.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day,

Dave and Donna


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