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Labour of Love

I love this time of year. Most everyone is in a relaxed state of mind because they are enjoying the activities that come with summer weather. One of those activities is gardening. I am near dumbfounded when someone goes to all of the effort to grow something so beautifully and then share it with everyone for next to nothing.

Last night on the way home from work, I stopped at a roadside stand and bought fresh potatoes, yellow beans and Boston lettuce for almost a give-away price. When you think about the seeds they bought, the gas for the rotor-tiller, prepping the soil, hours of weeding, watering, harvesting and well, you get the point. Then they place their pride harvest into bags a pint containers all in a cooler with ice packs so it was fresh as when they picked it that morning...wow!

The price $3.00 for each vegetable selection, crazy when you really think about it. A price I gladly paid. We had a feast when I arrived home. Below is my recipe for the beans because they were darn tasty. So this weekend when you see a roadside stand pull in and compliment your summer dinner because, not only do they taste awesome when they are so fresh, you are also complimenting someone's labour of love with your purchase.

Fresh Beans with Olive Oil

Approx 1 Pint of Yellow (or Green) Beans

2 Tablespoons of Tuscon Herb Olive Oil

Course Salt to taste - we use Himalayan Pink Salt but Sea Salt would be good too!

Cook beans in the boiling salt water until tender (4-6 min), drain and toss in a bowl with the olive oil (salt and pepper if non-flavoured olive oil) and enjoy!

p.s. fresh roasted potatoes brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with rosemary and dill was also well-received :)

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